Conference and Workshop Presentations

2023 Annual Members Meeting

2023 Annual Meeting

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2023 BACWA Annual Meeting – Year in ReviewDownload
BACWA Hot Topics Collection System UpdatesDownload
BACWA Hot Topics BiosolidsDownload
BACWA Hot Topics Issues in Air Regulatory ComplianceDownload
Nutrients NBSDownload
Nutrients Science UpdateDownload

2022 Annual Members Meeting

2022 Annual Meeting

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Nutrients Overview – Regulatory Update – Nature Based Solutions StudyDownload
Nutrients Overview – Regulatory Update – 2021 Group Annual Report and Regional Recycled Water EvaluationDownload
Nutrients Overview – 2nd Watershed Permit / Governance UpdateDownload
BACWA Leadership Recognition and Arleen Navarret AwardDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – Resiliency Planning – Sea Level guidance, Sanitary Sewer Systems WDRs, and moreDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – Biosolids – a changing landscapeDownload

2021 Annual Members Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting

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Nutrients – Regulatory Update – Recycled Water Evaluation, Mike Falk, HDRDownload
Nutrients – Regulatory Update – Nature Based Solutions Study, Ian Wren, SFEIDownload
BACWA Year in Review, Lorien FonoDownload
Regulator Priorities – San Francisco Water Board staff, Mike MontgomeryDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – SARS-CoV-2 monitoring in wastewater – COVID-WEB Update Sasha Harris-LovettDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – Managing a POTW in the age of Covid-19, wildfire, PSPS, and racial injustice, Amit MutsuddyDownload

2020 Annual Meeting

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BACWA Year in Review 2019 – David Williams, BACWA Executive DirectorDownload
BAAQMD Regulatory Priorities – Jack Broadbent, BAAQMD Executive OfficerDownload
EPA Updates and Priorities – Tomas Torres,US EPA Region IX Director, Water DivisionDownload
State Water Resources Control Board 2020 Priorities – Tam Doduc, SWRCB MemberDownload
Regional Water Board Priorities for 2020 – Michael Montgomery, SF RWQCB Executive OfficerDownload
BACWA Hot Topics: Contaminants of Emerging Concern – Diana Lin, SFEI Senior ScientistDownload


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BACWA Financial & Organizational Outlook January 2019Download
Key Regulatory Issues Matrix January 2019Download
January 11, 2019 BACWA Annual Meeting AgendaDownload
BACWA Year in Review – 2018Download
BAAQMD PresentationDownload
SF Bay Regional Water Board PresentationDownload
Update on the 1st Nutrient Watershed PermitDownload
Nutrients Regulatory Update – HDRDownload
BACWA Leadership RecognitionDownload
Update on the Science Plan and FindingsDownload
Preview of the 2nd Watershed PermitDownload
AIR Issues/Climate ChangeDownload
Recycled Water PolicyDownload
ELAP/TNI ImplementationDownload
Toxicity ProvisionsDownload


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Key Regulatory Issues Summary January 2018Download
Introduction & Year in ReviewDownload
BACWA Member Survey ResultsDownload
Chlorine Residual Basin Plan Amendment ProjectDownload
TNI Lab StandardsDownload
Recycled Water 2017 AccomplishmentsDownload
Biosolids Hot TopicsDownload
Preview of the 2nd Watershed PermitDownload
BACWA Financial/Organizational OutlookDownload
BACWA Committee Leadership RecognitionDownload
Nutrient Regulatory Update – HDRDownload
Nutrient OverviewDownload
EPA Region 9 UpdateDownload
BAAQMD UpdateDownload
BACWA Annual Meeting Program 1-19-18Download


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SFEI Study Findings & Science PlanDownload
BACWA Year in ReviewDownload
BAAQMD UpdateDownload
Nutrients OverviewDownload
Nutrients – Regulatory Update by HDRDownload
BACWA Committee RecongnitionDownload
Financial/Organizational OutlookDownload
Preview of the 2nd Watershed PermitDownload
TNI Lab StandardsDownload
AIR IssuesDownload
CEC ParticipationDownload

Conferences and Workshops/2015 Annual Meeting/

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JB Neethling presentation on Optimization/Upgrade Studies 01-30-15Download
Annual Meeting AIR Presentation.pdfDownload

Conferences and Workshops/2016 Annual Meeting

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Policy for Toxicity Assessment & Control 1-25-16Download
BACWA Annual Meeting Program – January 15, 2016Download
BACWA Financial & Organizational OutlookDownload
BACWA Committee RecognitionDownload
Nutrients Overview – Governance UpdateDownload
Update on Nutrient Watershed PermitDownload
RMP – Microplastics – January 15, 2016Download
AIR Issues – CWCCGDownload
Alternative Monitoring ProgramDownload
SFEI Science Update – January 15, 2016Download
Nutrient Treatment by Optimization & Upgrades – Update January 15, 2016Download
Key Regulatory Issue Summary – January 2016Download

Conferences and Workshops/2014 Annual Meeting/

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6- dwilliams BACWA BUSINESS MEETING.pdfDownload
4- Feger_BACWA_2014 annual meeting.pdfDownload
13- lHu Recycled Water BACWA Annual Members Mtg 1 30 14 rev.pdfDownload
12- lfono Members Meeting Reg Update 2014.pdfDownload

Conferences and Workshops/2014 Nutrient Symposium/

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Charles Bott BACWA seminar Bott small.pdfDownload
Ken Reckhow_Multiple Models – Neuse Estuary Experience.pdfDownload
George Cassady_Oakland Presentation Oct 6 2014 Final.pdfDownload
Jeanette Brown_Meeting the Long Island Sound Watershed Challenge.pdfDownload