The Laboratory Committee covers current scientific and technical information as it relates to actual water quality of the Bay estuary and information related to analytical methods and protocols. In participates the in San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) and other scientific and technical efforts on behalf of BACWA.

Committee Chair: Nicole Van Aken, Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District

Committee Vice-Chair: Samantha Bialorucki, City of Palo Alto

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Laboratory Board Reports

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BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2021-12-14Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2021-10-12Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2021-08-10Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2021-06-08Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2021-04-20Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2021-02-09Download

Laboratory Library

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ELAP Third-Party On-Site Assessment Experience, Valley Water, 2021-10-12Download
SFEI PFAS Phase 1 Presentation 2021-08-10Download
Catalyst Summary of 2021 MUR 2021-06-01Download
Catalyst Presentation on 2021 MUR 2021-06-08Download
Catalyst Markup of Part 136 for 2021 MUR 2021-06-01Download
TNI Resources and Mentorship – TNI Training Workshop 2021-04-20Download