BACWA Annual Members Meeting 2021

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BACWA Annual Meeting Resources

Feb 19, 2021 Members Meeting Program

BACWA Annual Report

BACWA 2020 Strategic Plan

FY21 Budget Work Plan

BAPPG Annual Report

Top Committee Accomplishments for 2020

Regulatory Issues Matrix

2021 NPDES Compliance Letter


BACWA Annual Meeting Videos

BACWA 2021 Annual Members Meeting – Uncut

Segment 1 – Welcome/Introduction + Year in Review

Segment 2 – BAAQMD/EPA/SWRCB/RWQCB/ Priorities

Segment 3 – BACWA Hot Topics

Segment 4 – BACWA Committee Accomplishments (Lunch)

Segment 5 – BACWA Leadership Recognition

Segment 6 – BACWA Hot Topics

Segment 7 – Nutrients – Overview

Segment 8 – Nutrients – Regulatory Update

Segment 9 – Nutrients – Technical Update

Segment 10 – Annual Meeting Wrap-Up


2021 Annual Meeting

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Nutrients – Regulatory Update – Nature Based Solutions Study, Ian Wren, SFEIDownload
Nutrients – Regulatory Update – Recycled Water Evaluation, Mike Falk, HDRDownload
BACWA Committee Accomplishments 2020, Lunch PresentationDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – AIR Committee, Sarah DeslauriersDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – BABC, Sarah DeslauriersDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – Climate Change Vulnerability Planning Survey, Mary CousinsDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – Managing a POTW in the age of Covid-19, wildfire, PSPS, and racial injustice, Amit MutsuddyDownload
BACWA Hot Topics – SARS-CoV-2 monitoring in wastewater – COVID-WEB Update Sasha Harris-LovettDownload
BACWA Year in Review, Lorien FonoDownload
Overview of 2nd Watershed Permit and Governance Update, Lorien FonoDownload
Regulator Priorities – San Francisco Water Board staff, Mike MontgomeryDownload