The Permit Committee develops and distributes information about current discharge permits for POTWs, develops technical, economic, financial and scientific information about permit issues, and participates in forums with state, EPA and other organizations.

Committee Chair: Jennie Pang, SFPUC

Vice-Chair: Amanda Roa, Delta Diablo

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Permits Board Reports

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Permits Board Report 2023-04-11Download
Permits Board Report 2023-02-14Download
Permits Board Report 2022-12-13Download
Permits Board Report 2022-10-18Download
Permits Board Report 2022-08-09Download
Permits Board Report 2022-06-14Download

Permits Library

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EPA Approval of Statewide Toxicity Provisions 2023-05-01Download
Hg and PCBs Watershed Permit Update 2022-10-18Download
NPDES Permitting for Nature-Based SolutionsDownload
Understanding your NPDES Permit 2022-07-20Download
SFEI PFAS Phase 1 Presentation 2021-09-01Download
PFAS Phase 1 Fact Sheet 2021-08-17Download