The Permit Committee develops and distributes information about current discharge permits for POTWs, develops technical, economic, financial and scientific information about permit issues, and participates in forums with state, EPA and other organizations.

Committee Chair: Chris Dembiczak

Committee Vice Chair: Robert Wilson

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Permits Board Reports

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Permits Board Report 6-15-18Download
Permits Board Report 4-20-18Download
Permits Committee Board Report 03-16-18Download
Permits Board Report 2-16-18Download
Permits Board Report 11-17-17Download
Permits Board Report 08-18-17Download

Permits Library

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SFEP Wetlands Presentation 06-10-18Download
BACWA Wetlands Info Request April 2018Download
Wetland Permitting Case Study Report April 2017Download
ECWG Agenda 4-11-18Download
CASA Toxicity Study Work Plan Feb 2018Download
2018 NPDES Compliance and RMP Support LettersDownload

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