Air Issues and Regulations Committee (AIR)

The Air Issues and Regulations (AIR) Committee focuses on air quality related issues, research and regulations as they affect the operation and maintenance of San Francisco Bay Area Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs). Currently, the AIR Committee is also tracking climate change and/or greenhouse gas mitigation related legislation on a national, state and local level.

Upcoming AIR Committee Meeting

No upcoming events.

Recent News/Documents

– BACWA has developed a White Paper on BAAQMD Rule 11-18.

– On June 6, 2014, BACWA AIR Committee submitted a comment letter to the BAAQMD regarding potential cross-media regulation issues associated with future updates to the BAAQMD’s Clean Air Plan.  These issues include energy demands associated with nutrient removal, conflicts between air regulations and GHG regulations, and incentives for green infrastructure.

AIR Committee Meeting Materials

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Joint meeting with BAAQMD Agenda 09-09-19Download
AIR Committee Meeting Presentation 03-26-19Download
AIR Committee Meeting Agenda 03-26-19Download
AIR Meeting Presentation 01-16-19Download
AIR Meeting Agenda 01-16-19Download
AIR Committee Meeting Presentation 10-17-18Download

Meetings with BAAQMD and related materials

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Joint meeting with BAAQMD Agenda 09-09-19Download
Joint Meeting with BAAQMD Summary 08-06-18Download
AIR meeting presentations 08-06-18Download
BAAQMD Rule 11-18 Adoption Slides 11-29-17Download
Rule 11-18 Priority Phase List Nov 2017Download
BAAQMD 11-18 Process Flowchart 08-17-17Download
AIR Committee: Quarterly Meeting Summary – 6/21/17Download
AIR Committee Agenda: Quarterly Meeting – 6/21/17Download
AIR Committee: Rule 11-18 “Details” Discussion Meeting Summary – 6/1/17Download
AIR Committee Agenda: Rule 11-18 “Details” Discussion 6-1-17Download
AIR Committee: Rule 11-18 Broadbent Meeting SummaryDownload

AIR Digest Materials

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AIR Digest Materials 05-16-16, 06-23-16, and 05-31-16Download
AIR Digest Materials 05-02-16 and 05-09-16Download
AIR Digest Materials 04-18-16 and 04-25-16Download
AIR Digest Materials 4-04-16 and 4-11-16Download
AIR Digest Materials 3-21-16 and 3-28-16Download
AIR Digest Materials 03-07-16 and 03-14-16Download

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