Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group

bappgThe Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group (BAPPG) develops a Bay wide pollution prevention program in cooperation with storm water management partners.  It develops a public education and information program directed to the public on how to prevent pollution through individual housekeeping practices. BAPPG provides a forum for information exchanges, sharing and regional projects.

General meetings are held from 10:00 am to noon the 1st Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, and December. Steering Committee meetings (all members welcome to attend) are held from 9-10:00 am prior to General meetings and alternating months via teleconference on TBD dates.

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BAPPG - Meeting Minutes

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BACWA Meeting Minutes 2022-06-01Download
BAPPG Meeting Minutes 2022-04-06Download
BAPPG Meeting Minutes 2022-03-09Download
BAPPG Meeting Minutes 2021-12-01Download
BAPPG Meeting Minutes 2021-10-06Download
BAPPG Meeting Minutes 2021-08-18Download

BAPPG - Annual Reports

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2021 BAPPG Annual ReportDownload
BAPPG 2020 Annual ReportDownload
BAPPG 2019 Annual ReportDownload
BAPPG 2018 Annual ReportDownload
BAPPG 2017 Annual ReportDownload
BAPPG 2016 Annual ReportDownload

BAPPG - Presentations

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Eurofins PFAS Regs and Wastewater Characterization 2022-06-01Download
Our Water Our World 2022-03-09Download
Pollution Prevention Reporting List – 2022Download
Pollution Prevention Report Tips – 2022Download
NSAC Wipes and Legislation Update 2021-12-01Download
Hughes Pacific NW Pretreatment conf- Flea and Tick Control – Nov 2021.pdfDownload

Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group Members

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