Recycled Water

The Recycled Water Committee is dedicated to promoting and developing water recycling in order to protect the environment, develop reliable water supply and to sustain our economic viability in the Bay region.

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Recycled Water Meeting Notes

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BAPPG meeting notes 02-05-19Download
Recycled Water meeting notes 01-15-19Download
Recycled Water Meeting Notes 10-31-18Download
Recycled Water Meeting Notes 9-18-18Download
Recycled Water Committee Meeting Notes 07-17-18Download
Recycled Water Committee Notes 7-17-18Download

Recycled Water Agendas

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Recycled Water Agenda 5-4-16Download
Recycled Water Agenda 1-6-15Download
Recycled Water Agenda 04-01-15Download

Recycled Water Library

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SB 332 Summary 2-19-19Download
Summary of 96-011 Permittees 10-23-18Download
WateReuse Leg Tracker August 2018Download
IRWM Implementation PSP Concepts Meeting May 4 2018Download
FY19 appropriations for the Bureau of Reclamation Title XVI water recycling program 3-16-18Download
NWRI – Draft Accounting for Salinity Leaching in Application of Recycled Water for Landscape Irrigation 12-15-17Download

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