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2019-09-03 Toxicity test interpretation and NPDES Implementation – Cameron Irvine – 08-13-19 Download
2019-05-01 PFAS: Analytical Challenges and Best Practices 04-17-19 Download
2019-03-07 TNI Management Review 2-13-19 Download
2018-09-28 Accomodation and Environmental Conditions 09-12-18 Download
2018-08-14 Palo Alto Corrective and Preventative Action Form Download
2018-08-13 TNI Internal Audits – 08-08-18 Download
2017-09-13 CASA Comments on Preliminary Draft ELAP Regulations 09-06-17 Download
2016-06-15 GC/MS in Wastewater Analysis Download
2015-03-30 Whole Effluent Aquatic Toxicity Tests: Avoidance of False Positives Download
2013-04-04 Agenda for BPA Workshop.pdf Download
2013-04-04 Directions to EBMUD.pdf Download
2011-03-30 e-SMR 101 Presentation (Pirondini & Wandro) Download
2010-08-04 State Board Preliminary Draft WET Policy Download
2010-06-28 e-SMR Presentation (State Board) Download
2007-09-15 EDC Report titled – Occurrence and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Residuals in Bay Sewage and Sewage Treatment Stuart Khan and Jerry Ongerth University of New South Wales School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Download