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August 17, 2018 BACWA Executive Board Meeting AgendaDownload
BACWA AIR Committee-BAAQMD Meeting AgendaDownload
CPSC Presentation to BACWA 7-20-18Download
Approved Minutes – June 15, 2018Download
Approved Minutes – May 18, 2018Download
July 20, 2018 Nutrient Strategy Team Meeting AgendaDownload

Comment Letters

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BACWA Comments on Recycled Water Policy Amendment 6-26-18Download
BACWA Comments on 2018 Triennial Review 06-08-18Download
BACWA comments on Thiamethoxam registration 4-21-18Download
BACWA comments on Clothianidin registration 4-21-18Download
BACWA comments on Dinotefuran registration 4-21-18Download
Wastewater Association Comments on Final Draft Ocean Litter Protection Strategy 4-20-18Download

Conferences and Workshops/

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Key Regulatory Issues Summary January 2018Download
Introduction & Year in ReviewDownload
BACWA Member Survey ResultsDownload
Chlorine Residual Basin Plan Amendment ProjectDownload
TNI Lab StandardsDownload
Recycled Water 2017 AccomplishmentsDownload

Committees - AIR

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AIR Commitee Meeting Presentation 06-08-18Download
San Jose Cogen ATC Presentation 3-14-18Download
AIR Committee Meeting Presentation 3-14-18Download
AIR Committee Meeting Agenda 3-14-18Download
BAAQMD Rule 11-18 Adoption Slides 11-29-17Download
Central San HRA 11-29-17Download

Committees - Biosolids

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Biosolids Board Report 2-16-18Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2017Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2016Download
2016 Biosolids Trends Survey Report 10-17Download
Draft 2016 BACWA Biosolids Survey ReportDownload
SCAP Biosolids Trends Update 2016Download

Committees - Collections Systems

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Region 2 Collections Score Sheet 2017Download
Lani Good, West Yost – Uncovering Sewer Laterals- 03-22-18Download
Collection Systems Board Report 2-16-18Download
CMSA NPDES Permit R2-2018-0003Download
SSS WDR Reissuance Presentation 1-10-18Download
WDR Revisions Summary 1-10-18Download

Committees - Laboratory

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TNI Internal Audits – 08-08-18Download
CASA Comments on Preliminary Draft ELAP Regulations 09-06-17Download
GC/MS in Wastewater AnalysisDownload
Whole Effluent Aquatic Toxicity Tests: Avoidance of False PositivesDownload
PCBs Sampling Analysis and Reporting Protocols Dec13.pdfDownload
Agenda for BPA Workshop.pdfDownload

Committees - Permits

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Permits Board Report 6-15-18Download
Permits Board Report 4-20-18Download
SFEP Wetlands Presentation 06-10-18Download
BACWA Wetlands Info Request April 2018Download
Wetland Permitting Case Study Report April 2017Download
ECWG Agenda 4-11-18Download

Committees - Pretreatment

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Regional Water Board letter approving field pH testing 2-24-17Download
Pretreatment Agenda 4-14-16Download
Federal Dental Amalgam Rule Comments-BACWA-Final.pdfDownload

Committees - Recycled Water

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Recycled Water Committee Notes 7-17-18Download
Recycled Water Committee Notes 05-15-18Download
IRWM Implementation PSP Concepts Meeting May 4 2018Download
Recycled Water Committee Notes 3-20-18Download
FY19 appropriations for the Bureau of Reclamation Title XVI water recycling program 3-16-18Download
Recycled Water Committee Meeting Notes 01-16-18Download