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Approved Minutes – September 21, 2018Download
November 16, 2018 NST Meeting AgendaDownload
November 16, 2018 BACWA Executive Board Meeting PacketDownload
BACWA 2018 Pardee Technical Seminar SurveyDownload
BACWA FY18 Memorandum on Internal ControlDownload
FY18 BACWA Basic Financial StatementsDownload

Comment Letters

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BACWA comments on SRF Policy Amendments 10-19-18Download
BACWA Comments on Dichlobenil Registration Review 10-9-18Download
BACWA Comments on Wetlands Policy Review 09-14-18Download
Summit Partners comments on dual lab accreditation 09-06-18Download
BAPPG sign-on support for SB 212 08-31-18Download
BACWA Comments on Recycled Water Policy Amendment 6-26-18Download

Conferences and Workshops/

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Troxel – Connecting the dots on low flows – 09-24-18Download
LeClaire – Evaluation of TDS – 09-24-18Download
Low Flows Workshop Agenda 09-24-18Download
Low Flows Workshop Abstract 09-24-18Download
Key Regulatory Issues Summary January 2018Download
Introduction & Year in ReviewDownload

Committees - AIR

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AIR Committee Meeting Presentation 10-17-18Download
AIR Meeting Agenda 10-17-18Download
Joint Meeting with BAAQMD Summary 08-06-18Download
AIR meeting presentations 08-06-18Download
AIR Commitee Meeting Presentation 06-08-18Download
San Jose Cogen ATC Presentation 3-14-18Download

Committees - Biosolids

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Santa Rosa Biosolids Presentation 9-20-18Download
Biosolids Board Report 2-16-18Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2017Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2016Download
2016 Biosolids Trends Survey Report 10-17Download
Draft 2016 BACWA Biosolids Survey ReportDownload

Committees - Collections Systems

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Region 2 Priorities FY18/19 11-29-18Download
Climate Change Analysis in Planning 09-27-18Download
CASA SSS MRP Redlines 08-29-18Download
SSS WDR CASA Redlines 8-29-18Download
Sewer Rate Survey August 2018 – excelDownload
Sewer Rate Survey August 2018 – pdfDownload

Committees - Laboratory

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Accomodation and Environmental Conditions 09-12-18Download
Palo Alto Corrective and Preventative Action FormDownload
TNI Internal Audits – 08-08-18Download
CASA Comments on Preliminary Draft ELAP Regulations 09-06-17Download
GC/MS in Wastewater AnalysisDownload
Whole Effluent Aquatic Toxicity Tests: Avoidance of False PositivesDownload

Committees - Permits

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Toxicity Update 11-13-18Download
Chlorine BPA Update October 2018Download
RMP Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Presentation 10-9-18Download
TST Litigation Brief 09-28-18Download
BACWA Permits Board Report 8-7-18Download
BACWA Permits Board Report 7-10-18Download

Committees - Pretreatment

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Regional Water Board letter approving field pH testing 2-24-17Download
Pretreatment Agenda 4-14-16Download
Federal Dental Amalgam Rule Comments-BACWA-Final.pdfDownload

Committees - Recycled Water

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Summary of 96-011 Permittees 10-23-18Download
WateReuse Leg Tracker August 2018Download
Recycled Water Committee Meeting Notes 07-17-18Download
Recycled Water Committee Notes 7-17-18Download
Recycled Water Committee Notes 05-15-18Download
IRWM Implementation PSP Concepts Meeting May 4 2018Download