Executive Board

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April 16, 2021 BACWA Executive Board Meeting AgendaDownload
April 16, 2021 BACWA Executive Board Meeting PacketDownload
SF Bay Regional Water Board / BACWA Executive Board Joint Meeting AgendaDownload
Approved Minutes – January 15, 2021Download
March 19, 2021 BACWA Executive Board Meeting PacketDownload
March 19, 2021 BACWA Executive Board Meeting AgendaDownload

Comment Letters

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Chlorine Basin Plan Amendment – Comments to SWRCBDownload
Cyhalothrins Letter to EPA 01-11-2021Download
BACWA Pyrethroids Letter 2020-02-12Download
OEPA comments to EPA – 12-22-20Download
Halohydantoins comments to EPA – 12-22-20Download
Methoprene comments to EPA – 12-22-20Download

Conferences and Workshops/

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BACWA Year in Review 2019 – David Williams, BACWA Executive DirectorDownload
BAAQMD Regulatory Priorities – Jack Broadbent, BAAQMD Executive OfficerDownload
EPA Updates and Priorities – Tomas Torres,US EPA Region IX Director, Water DivisionDownload
State Water Resources Control Board 2020 Priorities – Tam Doduc, SWRCB MemberDownload
Regional Water Board Priorities for 2020 – Michael Montgomery, SF RWQCB Executive OfficerDownload
BACWA Hot Topics: Contaminants of Emerging Concern – Diana Lin, SFEI Senior ScientistDownload

Committees - AIR

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Retroactive BACT for New Standby/Emergency IC Engines 2021-03-05Download
AIR Committee Meeting Slides 2021-03-31Download
AIR Committee Meeting Slides 2021-01-13Download
BACWA AIR Committee Update – September 2020Download
AIR Committee Meeting Slides 09-02-2020Download
AIR Committee Agenda 09-02-2020Download

Committees - Biosolids

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2018 BACWA Biosolids Trends Survey ReportDownload
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2020Download
2018 Biosolids Trends Survey ReportDownload
Summary of SB 1383 and its Implementation (CASA, 2020)Download
SCAP Biosolids Biennial Trend Survey, 2016-2018Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2019Download

Committees - Collections Systems

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SWRCB SSS-WDR Outreach Meeting Slides 2021-03-26Download
Informal Staff Draft SSS-WDR with SWRCB comments 2021-03-24Download
Review of Informal Staff Draft SSS-WDR 2021-03-12Download
Collection Systems Board Report 2021-02-18Download
SSO Presentation from J. Jacobs 2021-02-18Download
Collection Systems Board Report 2020-11-19Download

Committees - Laboratory

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BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2021-02-09Download
ELAP Update 2021-02-09Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2020-12-08Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 2020-10-13Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 08-11-2020Download
BACWA Laboratory Board Report 06-09-2020Download

Committees - Permits

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Permits Board Report 2021-04-13Download
Climate Change Info Request from RWQCB 2021-04-14Download
Permits Board Report 2021-02-09Download
Toxicity Implementation Discussion 2021-02-09Download
Permits Board Report 2020-12-08Download
Region 2 Toxicity Provisions Implementation 2020-12-08Download

Committees - Pretreatment

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Pretreatment Committee Board Report 2020-12-14Download
Pretreatment Committee Board Report 2020-06-04Download
EPA Updates 02-05-20Download
Additional Pretreatment Master Class filesDownload
Bypass and Dilution – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
Representative Sampling – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download

Committees - Recycled Water

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BACWA Recycled Water Meeting Notes 2021-03-30Download
Recycled Water Agenda 2021-03-30Download
Recycled Water Agenda 2021-01-19Download
Recycled Water Agenda 2020-11-17Download
BACWA Recycled Water Meeting Notes 2021-01-19Download
BACWA Recycled Water Meeting Notes 2020-11-17Download