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2017-11-20BACWA Annual Report FY2017Download
2017-11-20Approved Minutes – September 15, 2017Download
2017-11-15Approved Minutes – August 18, 2017Download
2017-11-14November 17, 2017 BACWA Executive Board Meeting PacketDownload
2017-11-14Bay Area Utilities RRAPDownload
2017-11-14BACWA Basic Financial Statements FY2016-2017Download

Comment Letters

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2017-11-14BACWA comments on indoxacarb risk assessment 11-13-17Download
2017-10-31BACWA Comments on BAAQMD 11-18 Staff Report and Socioeconomic Impact Report 10-25-17Download
2017-10-31Wastewater Association Comments on CMSA Tentative Order 10-23-17Download
2017-10-20Wastewater Association comments on Draft Ocean Litter Prevention Strategy 10-16-17Download
2017-10-20BACWA comments on BAAQMD Rule 11-18 10-16-17Download
2017-10-16BACWA Comments on Mercury/PCB Watershed Permit Reissuance – 010-13-17Download

Conferences and Workshops/

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2017-09-22Interpreting Toxicity Tests: Avoiding Confusion & ‘False Positives’ in Chronic Bioassay Tests – Stephen ClarkDownload
2017-09-20Identification of Bacterial-related Toxicity in a POTW Effluent – Jeff Miller and Howard BaileyDownload
2017-09-20Through the Looking Glass; Toxicity Identification Evaluations Past, Present and Future – Jeff Miller and Howard BaileyDownload
2017-09-20When Things Go Wrong – Irene Lui-WongDownload
2017-09-20Enhancing Program Effectiveness through Laboratory Collaboration – Adrienne Cibor/Peter ArthDownload
2017-09-20Toxicity Permitting in Region 2 – Lorien FonoDownload

Committees - AIR

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2017-10-30Air Committee meeting Presentation 09-27-17Download
2017-10-30AIR Agenda 09-27-17Download
2017-09-13BAAQMD 11-18 Process Flowchart 08-17-17Download
2017-07-26Proximity Data Request for 11-18 7-26-17Download
2017-07-25AIR Committee: Quarterly Meeting Summary – 6/21/17Download
2017-07-25AIR Committee Agenda: Quarterly Meeting – 6/21/17Download

Committees - Biosolids

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2017-11-10Biosolids Report to Solano County 2016Download
2017-08-152016 Biosolids Trends Survey Report 10-17Download
2017-07-12Draft 2016 BACWA Biosolids Survey ReportDownload
2017-06-09SCAP Biosolids Trends Update 2016Download
2017-01-24CASA White Paper – Biosolids Use as Landfill Burial or Beneficial Cover Material 1-11-17Download
2016-03-30Biosolids Agenda 04-21-16Download

Committees - Collections Systems

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2017-11-14Collection Systems Board Report 11-17-17Download
2017-11-14Collection Systems Board Report 6-16-17Download
2017-11-14Collection Systems Board Report 4-21-17Download
2017-11-14Collection Systems Board Report 2-17-17Download
2017-10-03Andrew Damron, Napa San – You Can’t Squeeze Wine from a Stone 09-28-17Download
2017-09-19BACWA 2016 Private Sewer Lateral Survey ResponsesDownload

Committees - Laboratory

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2017-09-13CASA Comments on Preliminary Draft ELAP Regulations 09-06-17Download
2016-06-15GC/MS in Wastewater AnalysisDownload
2015-03-30Whole Effluent Aquatic Toxicity Tests: Avoidance of False PositivesDownload
2014-02-03PCBs Sampling Analysis and Reporting Protocols Dec13.pdfDownload
2013-04-04BACWA LAB CIWQS WORKSHOP.pdfDownload
2013-04-04Agenda for BPA Workshop.pdfDownload

Committees - Permits

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2017-10-03Ian Wren – Natural Treatment Opportunities for Nutrient Management in San Francisco Bay 09-12-17Download
2017-08-31Attachment S 08-15-17Download
2017-08-31Attachment G amendments 08-15-17Download
2017-08-31Attachment G Revisions – red lines 8-15-17Download
2017-08-30Hg PCB Watershed Permit Admin Draft 08-15-17Download
2017-08-15R2 Wetland Scoping Report 06-17Download

Committees - Pretreatment

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2017-03-30Regional Water Board letter approving field pH testing 2-24-17Download
2016-04-27Pretreatment Agenda 4-14-16Download
2015-02-27Federal Dental Amalgam Rule Comments-BACWA-Final.pdfDownload

Committees - Recycled Water

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2017-11-14Recycled Water Meeting Notes 09-19-17Download
2017-09-18Recycled Water Committee Meeting Notes 07-11-17Download
2017-07-18CWSRF Workshop at EBMUD slides 7-13-17Download
2017-06-30Recycled Water Meeting Notes 05-03-17Download
2017-06-30WateReuse/Division of Financial Assistance Meeting Notes 3-9-17Download
2017-05-11WateReuse Meeting with Division of Finance Notes 3-9-17Download