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Approved Minutes – March 15, 2019Download
April 19, 2019 BACWA Executive Board Meeting PacketDownload
Special Study Proposal: Ethoxylated SurfactantsDownload
Early Actors Template MasterDownload
Clean Water Summit Partners Packet 3/26/19Download
April 19, 2019 BACWA Executive Board Meeting AgendaDownload

Comment Letters

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BACWA Comments on Nutrient Watershed Permit Tentative Order 04-02-19Download
BACWA comments on Palo Alto Tentative Order 03-13-19Download
BACWA Comments Preliminary Draft ELAP Regulations 2-08-19Download
Summit Partners ELAP Workshop Letter 1-29-18Download
BACWA comments on amitraz 1-29-19Download
BACWA comments to EPA on Metam Sodium 1-29-19Download

Conferences and Workshops/

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Troxel – Connecting the dots on low flows – 09-24-18Download
LeClaire – Evaluation of TDS – 09-24-18Download
Low Flows Workshop Agenda 09-24-18Download
Low Flows Workshop Abstract 09-24-18Download
Key Regulatory Issues Summary January 2018Download
Introduction & Year in ReviewDownload

Committees - AIR

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RFP for AIR Committee Support FY20Download
AIR Committee Meeting Presentation 03-26-19Download
AIR Committee Meeting Agenda 03-26-19Download
AIR Meeting Presentation 01-16-19Download
AIR Meeting Agenda 01-16-19Download
AIR Committee Meeting Presentation 10-17-18Download

Committees - Biosolids

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Santa Rosa Biosolids Presentation 9-20-18Download
Biosolids Board Report 2-16-18Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2017Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2016Download
2016 Biosolids Trends Survey Report 10-17Download
Draft 2016 BACWA Biosolids Survey ReportDownload

Committees - Collections Systems

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Sewer Rate Survey – Oct 2018 update excelDownload
Sewer Rate Survey – Oct 2018 update pdfDownload
Region 2 Priorities FY18/19 11-29-18Download
Climate Change Analysis in Planning 09-27-18Download
CASA SSS MRP Redlines 08-29-18Download
SSS WDR CASA Redlines 8-29-18Download

Committees - Laboratory

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TNI Management Review 2-13-19Download
Accomodation and Environmental Conditions 09-12-18Download
Palo Alto Corrective and Preventative Action FormDownload
TNI Internal Audits – 08-08-18Download
CASA Comments on Preliminary Draft ELAP Regulations 09-06-17Download
GC/MS in Wastewater AnalysisDownload

Committees - Permits

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Nutrient Watershed Permit Presentation 2-19-19Download
Permits Committee Board Report 11-13-18Download
2019 NPDES Compliance and RMP Support LettersDownload
CASA White Paper on Ceriodaphnia dubiaDownload
Toxicity Update 11-13-18Download
Chlorine BPA Update October 2018Download

Committees - Pretreatment

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Additional Pretreatment Master Class filesDownload
Bypass and Dilution – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
Representative Sampling – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
Pretreatment Program Basics – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
CWA Basics – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
Industrial User Inspections – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download

Committees - Recycled Water

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BAPPG meeting notes 02-05-19Download
SB 332 Summary 2-19-19Download
Recycled Water meeting notes 01-15-19Download
Recycled Water Meeting Notes 10-31-18Download
Recycled Water Meeting Notes 9-18-18Download
Summary of 96-011 Permittees 10-23-18Download