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October 18, 2019 BACWA Executive Board Meeting PacketDownload
PFAS SAWPA 070219 OCWDDownload
October 18, 2019 BACWA Executive Board Meeting AgendaDownload
October 1, 2019 Special Executive Board meeting agendaDownload
5Gyres Microplastics Update 08-16-19Download
BAAQMD and CASA Climate Change Update 08-16-19Download

Comment Letters

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BACWA Zinc Salt Letter 9-20-19Download
BACWA Water Resilience Portfolio 10-01-19Download
Endangered Species Risk Assessment Process for Biological Evaluations of Pesticides 08-15-19Download
BACWA comments on BAAQMD Rule 13 07-08-19Download
Chlorine gas comments to EPA 05-19-19Download
BACWA letter to Congress on USGS Funding 05-13-19Download

Conferences and Workshops/

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Troxel – Connecting the dots on low flows – 09-24-18Download
LeClaire – Evaluation of TDS – 09-24-18Download
Low Flows Workshop Agenda 09-24-18Download
Low Flows Workshop Abstract 09-24-18Download
Key Regulatory Issues Summary January 2018Download
Introduction & Year in ReviewDownload

Committees - AIR

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Joint meeting with BAAQMD Agenda 09-09-19Download
RFP for AIR Committee Support FY20Download
AIR Committee Meeting Presentation 03-26-19Download
AIR Committee Meeting Agenda 03-26-19Download
AIR Meeting Presentation 01-16-19Download
AIR Meeting Agenda 01-16-19Download

Committees - Biosolids

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CASA Comments on SB1383 CalRecycle Regulations 07-17-19Download
Santa Rosa Biosolids Presentation 9-20-18Download
Biosolids Board Report 2-16-18Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2017Download
Biosolids Report to Solano County 2016Download
2016 Biosolids Trends Survey Report 10-17Download

Committees - Collections Systems

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Napa main rehab 07-25-19Download
Collection Systems Board Report 04-25-19Download
Collection Systems Board Report 01-24-19Download
Collection Systems Board Report 11-29-18Download
Collection Systems Board Report 9-27-18Download
Santa Rose Fire Response/Recovery 04-25-19Download

Committees - Laboratory

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Bill Ray presentation on ELAP 10-08-19Download
Toxicity test interpretation and NPDES Implementation – Cameron Irvine – 08-13-19Download
PFAS: Analytical Challenges and Best Practices 04-17-19Download
TNI Management Review 2-13-19Download
Accomodation and Environmental Conditions 09-12-18Download
Palo Alto Corrective and Preventative Action FormDownload

Committees - Permits

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CASA PFAS Fact Sheet October 2019Download
BACWA Microplastics Fact Sheet October 2019Download
Permits Committee Board Report 04-09-19Download
Permits Committee Board Report 02-19-19Download
Nutrient Watershed Permit Presentation 2-19-19Download
Permits Committee Board Report 11-13-18Download

Committees - Pretreatment

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Additional Pretreatment Master Class filesDownload
Bypass and Dilution – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
Representative Sampling – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
Pretreatment Program Basics – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
CWA Basics – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download
Industrial User Inspections – Pretreatment Master Class 03-11-19Download

Committees - Recycled Water

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Recycled Water Evaluation Scoping and Evaluation Plan Outline 09-17-19Download
Engineering Report Preparation GuidelinesDownload
Valley Water letter of support 09-14-19Download
Valley Water list of RO treatment projects 9-04-19Download
Recycled Water meeting notes 03-05-19Download
SB 332 Summary 2-19-19Download