Permits Library

2021-02-10 Toxicity Implementation Discussion 2021-02-09 Download
2021-01-04 Region 2 Toxicity Provisions Implementation 2020-12-08 Download
2020-09-03 BACWA CEC White Paper Updated June 2020 Download
2020-08-26 SFEI PFAS SOW Phase I – 08-21-20 Download
2020-08-06 Enterococcus background monitoring study – 06-2020 Download
2020-06-12 Toxicity Provisions Summary of Changes from 2018-2020 Download
2020-02-16 POTW Participation in CECs Studies DRAFT Feb 2020 Download
2020-01-20 BACWA 2019 NPDES Compliance Letter Download
2019-12-11 State Water Board ELAP Regulations Presentation 12-11-19 Download
2019-11-01 Summary of NACWA Seminar on EPA Nutrient Survey October 2019 Download
2019-10-07 CASA PFAS Fact Sheet October 2019 Download
2019-09-30 BACWA Microplastics Fact Sheet October 2019 Download
2019-03-06 Nutrient Watershed Permit Presentation 2-19-19 Download
2019-01-24 2019 NPDES Compliance and RMP Support Letters Download
2019-01-08 CASA White Paper on Ceriodaphnia dubia Download
2018-11-13 Toxicity Update 11-13-18 Download
2018-11-12 Chlorine BPA Update October 2018 Download
2018-11-06 RMP Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Presentation 10-9-18 Download
2018-09-28 TST Litigation Brief 09-28-18 Download
2018-06-27 SFEP Wetlands Presentation 06-10-18 Download
2018-04-27 BACWA Wetlands Info Request April 2018 Download
2018-04-06 Wetland Permitting Case Study Report April 2017 Download
2018-04-06 ECWG Agenda 4-11-18 Download
2018-02-09 CASA Toxicity Study Work Plan Feb 2018 Download
2018-01-18 2018 NPDES Compliance and RMP Support Letters Download
2018-01-02 Chlorine Residual BPA SOW Download
2017-10-03 Ian Wren – Natural Treatment Opportunities for Nutrient Management in San Francisco Bay 09-12-17 Download
2017-08-31 Attachment S 08-15-17 Download
2017-08-31 Attachment G amendments 08-15-17 Download
2017-08-31 Attachment G Revisions – red lines 8-15-17 Download
2017-08-30 Hg PCB Watershed Permit Admin Draft 08-15-17 Download
2017-08-15 R2 Wetland Scoping Report 06-17 Download
2017-07-06 Toxicity Workshop Agenda 9-18-17 Download
2017-04-17 State Toxicity Provisions Toxicity Outreach Document April 2017 Download
2017-04-17 Draft Toxicity Provisions April 2017 Download
2017-04-14 EAO technical memo on chlorine residual 09-12-16 Download
2017-04-14 EBDA Comment Letter on TO 3-03-17 Download
2017-03-14 BACWA Microplastics Article in J Analytical Chemistry Download
2017-03-14 RMP Microplastics presentation to CASA RWG 03-09-17 Download
2017-02-27 2016 San Jose/Santa Clara Annual Report Download
2017-02-09 BACWA Testimony at SWB Beneficial Uses Hearing 02-07-17 Download
2017-01-24 2017 NPDES Compliance and RMP Support Letters Download
2016-11-04 EPA Nutrient Survey Letter 10-20-16 Download
2016-09-01 LSB Selenium Fact Sheet Download
2016-08-18 Multi-Year Synthesis Report – focus on PCBs & Hg Download
2016-07-28 EPA Policy to Address Climate Risks Download
2016-06-14 State General Order – Three options for Finding 34 Download
2016-06-14 Adoption of State General Order for Recycled Water and outcome of BACWA Talking Points Download
2016-05-11 Permits Microplastics Workgroup Update Presentation 05-10-16 Download
2015-12-31 Regional Water Board NPDES flows clarification letter 12-19-15 Download
2015-12-29 Regional Water Board Soluble Reactive Phosphorus Letter 12-21-15 Download
2015-09-17 Permits Nutrient Annual Report Presentation 09-08-15 Download
2015-07-30 Permits Reduction in Monitoring Opportunities 07-29-15 Download
2015-07-10 Permits Las Gallinas Permit Adoption Transcript 05-13-15 Download
2015-03-09 San Jose Permit Reissuance Presentation Download
2015-01-08 Comparison of RW Genl Order Requirements2-08132014-2.pdf Download
2014-06-10 Committee Report to Board May 2014 Download
2014-01-10 List of Stormwater Diversion Impediments Download
2014-01-10 North Bay Selenium TMDL Meeting Agenda Download
2014-01-09 PCBs Sampling, Analysis and Reporting Protocol Download
2012-09-10 BACWA Comments on State Water Resource Control Board’s Draft Policy for Toxicity Assessment and Control Download
2012-07-13 Nutrients Study Group Sampling Plan Download
2012-03-23 CalTest Nutrients Workshop Download
2012-03-02 Effluent characterization request Download
2012-03-02 Ltr re Elec. Pretreatment reporting 2012 Download
2011-03-11 PCB Permit Package Download
2010-04-21 2009 BACWA Group Report under the Mercury Watershed Permit Download
2009-10-02 Compliance Evaluation Inspection Records Checklist Download
2009-07-10 Dr. Groth’s Methylmercury Poisoning in High-End Fish Consumers, May 2009 Download
2009-07-10 Ned Groth’s Guide to Hg Levels in Fish Download
2009-04-22 USGS – Hg Cycling in Streams, Trophic Dynamics Download
2009-04-22 USGS – Hg Cycling in Streams, Benthic Methylmercury Production Download
2009-04-22 USGS- Hg Cycling in Streams, Water Column Chemistry Download
2009-04-22 USGS – How Hg Flows Downstream Download
2009-04-15 Comments on Tentative Order Reissuing the Delta Diablo Sanitation District NPDES Permit (CA0037547) Download
2009-04-03 Cover Letter for BACWA Group Report under the Mercury Watershed Permit Download
2009-04-03 BACWA Group Report under the Mercury Watershed Permit – without Appendix Download
2009-04-03 BACWA Group Report under the Mercury Watershed Permit – Full Report Including Appendix Download
2009-03-09 Hughes – Dental Hg Watershed Permit Compliance Download
2009-03-04 Comment Letter to RWQCB for FSSD – March 2009 Download
2009-01-26 San Jose RWQCB Comment Letter Download
2009-01-25 Annual Letter to RWQCB on TMDL Participation Download
2007-09-15 EBMUD Wet Weather Permit and Time Schedule Order – DRAFT Download
2007-09-15 Cover Letter for EBMUD Order Download
2007-09-15 Comments on the Tentative Order Reissuing South Bayside System Authority NPDES Permit (CA0038369) Download
2007-09-15 EBDA Comment Letter Download
2007-09-15 BACWA Comments on the EBDA Permit Download
2007-09-15 Response to Comments on the EBDA Permit Download
2007-09-15 Comment Letter re: April 2006 “Draft Total Residual Chlorine and Chlorine-Produced Oxidants Policy of California” – From Tri-TAC, CASA, BACWA, CVCWA, SCAP Download
2007-09-15 Permit Workshop Presentation – Data Quality Download
2007-09-15 Permit Workshop Presentation – Reasonable Potential & Effluent Limitations Download