January 10, 2022 BACWA Nutrient Strategy Team Meeting


BACWA Nutrient Strategy Team Meeting

January 10, 2022 3-5pm

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  1. Introductions


  1. Update on Watershed Permit from Water Board
    1. Timing of permit
    2. Role of science in planning 3rd WSP
    3. Intentions with respect to load caps


  1. Statistical reevaluation of load caps – HDR analysis


  1. Workshop with Water Board on load cap calculations
    1. Review 2021 Planning/Implementation Survey Data
    2. Informational needs
      1. Early actors
      2. Changes to organics and solids handling
      3. Multi-benefit projects


  1. Review of Key Tenets
    1. Individual treatment plant nutrient monitoring and reporting
    2. Group Annual Reporting of nutrient loads to the Bay
    3. Funding for the Nutrient Management Strategy’s scientific investigations
    4. Precautionary Load Caps
    5. Recognition of Early Actors
    6. Incentivization of multi-benefit projects
    7. Regional Planning