BACWA Accepting Nominations for Arleen Navarret Award FY2016

Nomination Form

This award of $1,000 was created in honor of Arleen Navarret and her dedication to improving the health of the San Francisco Bay. Arleen  spent nearly 30 years with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and provided leadership to BACWA and Tri‐TAC boards and committees. Her combination of technical and regulatory expertise and interpersonal skills has been invaluable to BACWA. Her development of effective relationships with regulators and community‐based non‐profits has resulted in the development of more thoughtful and effective water quality regulations. This is a biennial award honoring emerging leaders in the BACWA community exhibiting characteristics possessed by former BACWA Chair, Arleen Navarret:

  • Leadership in the workplace and wastewater community
  • Commitment to environmental protection
  • Mentorship of and compassion for others
  • Technical expertise
  • Ability to communicate effectively with a myriad of people
  • Exemplary public service.

Who is eligible?

Only current employees of BACWA member agencies are eligible to receive this award.

How to apply

Applicants may nominate themselves, or be nominated by their colleagues. Applications must include:

  1. Completed Nomination Form (see attached)
  2. Individual Narrative (in the following format)
  3. nominee name at the top of each page
  4. no more than 2 pages of double‐spaced, 12 point font
  5. concise introductory paragraph describing who the individual is and why they are being nominated
  6. subsequent paragraphs that address
  7.  specific work or activities of the nominee that meet the one or more of the following criteria for the award: leadership; environmental protection; mentorship; tech expertise; effective communication; public service
  8. the specific opportunity to which the award could be applied and how it would benefit the awardee in their professional development related to one or more of the following: leadership; environmental protection; tech skills development
  9. concluding paragraph describing how this individual has or has the potential to positively impact and contribute to the wastewater community.

Deadline and Selection

Applications are due by November 13, 2015 and should be submitted by e‐mail as an attachment to The winner will be selected by the Award Committee and the award will be presented to the recipient at the BACWA Annual meeting on January 15, 2016.