Pretreatment Committee to host two Sampling Training Sessions in October

The National Pretreatment program regulates the discharges of pollutants from non-domestic sources into POTW’s that could pass through with inadequate treatment, interfere with treatment works processes, threaten worker health and safety, or contaminate POTW sludge. The pretreatment compliance inspection, sampling, and testing processes are paramount to assuring the objectives of this program are met. Since sample collection and analysis are required to assure compliance by industries discharging to a POTW, this presentation will provide training and best practices guidance for these activities.

Compliance inspectors who collect samples and perform field testing need to be aware of vulnerabilities should data be challenged in court. Attendees learn how to build an effective program with supporting records to produce legally defensible data. This presentation will also provide a framework for helping pre-treatment staff “do the right thing” when under the extreme pressure of this job. The following areas will be covered in this presentation:

Legal Responsibilities as the Control Authority under the 40 CFR Part 403 regulations.

Maintaining proper Chain-of-Custody

Assuring pollutant integrity for testing and enforcement using 40 CFR Part 136, Method Update Rule, 18 May 2012 for:

  • Proper Containers
  • Required Preservation Techniques
  • Transporting Samples
  • Holding Time Requirements
  • Sample Storage Requirements

Best Field Testing Practices for Common Field Tests

  • Chlorine Residual
  • pH

Legal Consequences of Misrepresenting Field Activities

Length of Time: 2.5 hours. Attendees will receive contact hours for CWEA certification.

The two dates for the Sampling Training sessions being sponsored by the Pretreatment Committee are:

  • Tuesday 10/13/15 8:30-11 AM at CentralSan’s Multi-Purpose Room, 5019 Imhoff Place, Martinez
  • Thursday 10/22/15 8:30-11 AM at San Jose Environmental Innovation Center, 1608 Las Plumas Avenue, San Jose

There is no charge for attending the training session. Please RSVP to

Trainer: Diane Lawver