BACWA Nutrient Strategy Team Meeting – Agenda


BACWA Nutrient Strategy Team Meeting

Thursday December 3, 2020

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

 This meeting will be held online. Contact us for teleconference link.


  1. Summary of Discussions with the Water Board


  1. Load Caps in the 3rd Watershed Permit
    1. The argument for performance-based load caps
    2. Features of load caps (e.g., compliance schedules, incentives for early action and multi-benefit projects, consideration of variability)


  1. BACWA survey to collect information about agency planning and implementation
    1. What are agencies planning for different reduction scenarios?
    2. Are they accounting for further reductions in the future?
    3. What are the costs and timing?


  1. Timing considerations for the 3rd Watershed Permit
    1. Pros and cons of a permit extension
    2. Science needs prior to 3rd Watershed Permit adoption


  1. Subembayment designation and trading
    1. Alternatives for subembayment designation
    2. BACWA Executive Board 12/18 meeting: Paul Stacey presentation on LIS Trading program and Dave Senn presentation on modelling


  1. Support for a long-term science program
    1. Potential future load reduction requirements based on science
    2. Long-term science funding level
    3. Future of the NMS


  1. Next steps – develop BACWA key tenets document


  1. Adjourn