February 18, 2022 BACWA Executive Board Meeting Agenda


Executive Board Meeting


Friday, February 18, 2022 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM (PDT)

To attend the meeting via Zoom or submit a comment please request access.


Agenda Item

ROLL CALL, INTRODUCTIONS, AND TELECONFERENCE ETIQUETTE                                          

“CLOSED SESSION to discuss personnel matters pursuant to California Government

Code section 54957.”                                                                               

PUBLIC COMMENT                        Guidelines

CONSIDERATION TO TAKE AGENDA ITEMS OUT OF ORDER                                                                                     


1             Resolution to continue teleconferencing Executive Board meetings (AB361)

2             January 10, 2022 Special Executive Board meeting minutes

3             January 14, 2022 BACWA Executive Board meeting minutes

4             January 27, 2022 Special Executive Board meeting minutes

5             December 2021 Treasurer’s Report


APPROVALS AND AUTHORIZATIONS                                                   

6             Authorization: Contract with Richard Cunningham



7             Discussion: Recycled Water Committee Proposal to develop site supervisor training video

8             Discussion:  Nutrients

  1. Technical Work
  2. Feb 15 Assessment Framework workshop debrief
  3. Regulatory
  4. 2022 GAR Submittal    2022 Group Annual Report
  5. Update on baseline evaluation

iii. Future funding for the NMS   2020 NMS Charter

  1. Governance Structure
  2. Feb 2, 2022 Planning Subcommittee meeting notes

9             Discussion: BACWA recognition of Bisolids in the Baylands White Paper


10           Discussion: Proposed agenda for BAAQMD workgroup meeting

11           Discussion: Funding for CASA engagement on ACE, and lobbying status    FPPC Lobbying Manual

12           Informational: Regulatory Matrix Update

13           Informational: PFAS Phase 2 SAP update

14           Discussion: SSS WDR update and response            Public Draft SSS-WDR



15           Discussion: FY23 Draft Budget

16           Informational: BACC Update

17           Discussion: 2022 Annual Meeting Program and logistics

18           Informational: Kickoff of Bruce Wolfe memorial scholarship



19           Committee Reports         AIR Committee Slides

20           Member highlights

21           Executive Director Report

22           Board Calendar and Action Items

23           Regulatory Program Manager Report

24           Other BACWA Representative Reports

  1. RMP Technical Committee Mary Lou Esparza, Yuyun Shang, Samantha Engelage
  2. RMP Steering Committee Karin North; Amanda Roa; Eric Dunlavey
  3. Summit Partners Lorien Fono; Amit Mutsuddy
  4. ASC/SFEI Lorien Fono; Eileen White
  5. Nutrient Governance Steering Committee Eric Dunlavey; Eileen White; Lori Schectel

e.i  Nutrient Planning Subgroup  Eric Dunlavey

e.ii NMS Technical Workgroup    Eric Dunlavey

  1. SWRCB Nutrient SAG Lorien Fono
  2. NACWA Taskforce on Dental Amalgam Tim Potter
  3. BAIRWMP Cheryl Munoz; Florence Wedington
  4. NACWA Emerging Contaminants Karin North; Melody LaBella
  5. CASA State Legislative Committee Lori Schectel
  6. CASA Regulatory Workgroup Lorien Fono; Mary Cousins
  7. ReNUWIt Jackie Zipkin; Karin North
  8. ReNUWIt One Water Jackie Zipkin, Eric Hansen
  9. RMP Microplastics Liaison Artem Dyachenko
  10. Bay Area Regional Reliability Project Eileen White
  11. WateReuse Working Group Cheryl Munoz
  12. San Francisco Estuary Partnership Eileen White; Lorien Fono
  13. CPSC Policy Education Advisory Committee Colleen Henry
  14. California Ocean Protection Council Lorien Fono
  15. Countywide Water Reuse Master Plan Karin North, Pedro Hernandez
  16. CHARG – Coastal Hazards Adaptation Resiliency Group Jackie Zipkin
  17. California Water Quality Monitoring Council Lorien Fono


25           SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS                      12:29 PM


NEXT MEETING                                             

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for March 18, 2022


ADJOURNMENT                                             12:30 PM