BACWA Online Pardee Agenda




Thursday September 17 & Friday September 18

Zoom Meeting link:

You can also dial in: 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 989 2524 3558


Thursday September 17th                

Time                   Topic

9:00 AM               Welcome and Introductions


9:05 AM               BACWA Operational

FY 21 Budget

5 Year Plan

Meeting Planning

Executive Board meeting management

Annual Meeting planning


10:30 AM            Break 10:30-10:45


10:45 AM            Regulatory topics

AIR Update (Sarah Deslauriers, Carollo)

Chlorine Residual BPA – link to draft Staff Report and BPA

Topics for Friday – preview


11:45 AM            Strategic Planning Check-in


12:00 PM             Lunch 12:00-1:00pm       Lunch activity – social zoom breakout rooms


1:00 PM               Nutrients             3rd Watershed Permit Negotiations

Discussion of Issues

  • Load caps based on science
  • Antidegradation approach
  • Subembayment designation

Break 2:30-2:45pm          •Scientific Certainty vs. time and cost

  • Implications of extending watershed Permit
  • Long term funding for the science
  • Designation, protection, and incentivizations for early actors


3:30 AM               Nutrients, cond.               Nutrient Technical Engagement by BACWA

Nutrient Technical Review and Interpretation RFP

Nutrient Technical Team


4:00 PM                              Adjorn


Friday September 18th – Water Board Joins                              

Time                Topic  

9:00 AM             NMS Update       Update and Discussion

Science Plan Key Updates and Issues (Dave Senn, SFEI)

  • update on findings including subembayment modeling
  • update on Assessment Framework
  • Decision points over coming years
  • COVID-19 impacts to science plan


10:30 AM            Break 10:30-10:45 am


10:45 AM            2nd Watershed Permit   Update and Discussion

Status of NBS Study (Ian Wren, SFEI)

Group Annual Report and Status of Recycled Water Report (Mike Falk, HDR)


12:00 PM             Lunch 12:00-1:00pm       Lunch activity – social zoom breakout rooms


1:00 PM               3rd Watershed Permit    Update and Discussion

Discussion of questions developed by NST


2:20 PM               Break 2:20-2:30pm


2:30 PM               Regulatory Issues             Update and Discussion


Climate change planning


Power supply reliability


3:30 PM                              Adjorn