Develop a region-wide understanding of the watershed protection and enhancement needs of the San Francisco Bay Estuary, through reliance on sound scientific, environmental and economic information, and ensure that this understanding leads to long-term stewardship of the Estuary.


Through leadership, service and advocacy for its members, BACWA provides an effective regional voice for the clean water industry’s role in stewardship of the San Francisco Bay environment.


Use the best available knowledge, including scientific/technical information

  • Support regulatory compliance by members.
  • Promote stewardship of the Bay environment.
  • Seek regional solutions and promote regional collaborations and partnerships.
  • Conduct business in an open and transparent manner.
  • Ensure prudent use of financial resources.
  • Provide services which are valuable to members.


Members are knowledgeable about critical issues and activities.

  • Members are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • Effective collaborative partnerships for regional environmental benefit are established.
  • An integrated approach to a healthy Bay is promoted, emerging issues are identified, and effective solutions are developed.
  • Stakeholders are aware of BACWA and its members’ achievements and role in the stewardship of the Bay.
  • Members value and actively participate in BACWA activities.